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Prize Bonds
Prize Bonds are a unique form of investment offering you the chance to win big cash prizes. Prize Bonds are purchased in units of €6.25 . There is a minimum purchase of 4 units costing €25.

Weekly Draw
The Prize draw takes place every Friday. There are thousands tax-free cash prizes every week.

All winnings are tax-free. In Ireland winnings are not liable to Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, or D.I.R.T. (Deposit Interest Retention Tax).

Prize Bond winnings are confidential. The names of Prize Bond winners are not published; nor are they disclosed to anyone other than the winner. You can check your winning numbers on this site which includes the results of the weekly draw.

Cash anytime
You can cash your Prize Bonds in at any time after the minimum holding period of three months and you will receive the full face value on your bonds within seven working days.


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